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The Martin Luther King High School chapter of the Georgia Association of Media Assistants was founded on November 1, 2001 as a part of the then new high school. the initial student complement was 65 active student members. Developing students who possesed the aptitude to work with emerging and existing techologies as generated by the media center continues to be the focus of the existence of the GAMA Club at Martin Luther King High School. As a result, the club has been a consistent leader in the school as scholars who have been Valedictorians and Star Students. GAMA members have won  state awards in computer applications, video production, digital photography  and library media leadership. To dae, over 95 % of sudents who have participated in the GAMA Club have successfully transitioned into Higher Education at such colleges and universiities as Morehouse College, Spelman College, Georgia State University, Clayton State University, University of Georgia, Full Sail University, West Georgia University, Kennesaw State University, Tennessee State University and many more. GAMA members have also gone on to successfully serve in the United States Military as both enlisted and officers in various technical fields.

Following the motto "We Serve to Further Knowledge" is more than just a motto, its a life style.



The members that we seek to join our ranks are students at Martin Luther High School who are 

1. Industrious

2. Leaders 

3. Scholars 

4. Students who are willing to help others

5. Students who are willing to support school activities 

6. Students who are willing to improve the sschool climate and culture 

7. Students who are actively participate in the daily operation of the media center 

8. Students who are active readers

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